Rider Profile EF


Evelyn Field

Lives: Liverpool, England
Age: 16
Years Racing: 4
Instagram: @evelyn.field_
When not cycling: Very badly singing along to Taylor Swift or a Musical soundtrack
Favourite place to ride: Basically anywhere – as long as I’m on the bike I’m happy
Best cycling memory: Competing in the 2022 edition of the Youth Tour of Scotland and getting my first top 15 National finish

About Evelyn

Bikes have always been a big part of Evelyn’s life and after a couple of years hanging onto her Dad’s wheel on rides she decided to change that and commit to racing! After a slow start due to Covid, the 2021 and 2022 seasons finally provided large amounts of excellent racing. 

In her years as a Youth Evelyn managed to accumulate lots of experience and results. Some of the most notable being winning the overall title in the 2022 Northwest Youth league, numerous podiums in the Youth support races at the National Circuit Series, placing 15th in the second stage of the Youth Tour of Scotland, becoming two time Regional U17 10 mile TT Champion and placing 3rd and 2nd at the GHS National 10 mile TT Champs and the closed circuit TT Champs respectively. 

“I’m really excited to make the step up to junior racing with JRC’s fantastic support system and team beside me. I know the racing next season isn’t going to be easy but I’m going into it with a positive mindset and a willingness to learn from the second years in the team and everyone else around me!”